AVO Invents Pet Fish Carrier, a simple solution for an age old problem. Transporting pet fish can be somewhat of a nightmare especially if alone. We have heard many stories of mishaps whilst carrying their pet fish in a simple plastic bag. One lady told us how she nearly had a crash whilst carrying her pet fish in a plastic bag being held between her legs whilst driving. The bag split and water went everywhere.

 Stable Base


 Locking Groove


 Removable Fish Care Information


AVO Invents Pet Fish Carrier offers a safer, more secure way to transport your pet fish from store to its new home.  With a stable base and utilising an insulating material, AVO Invents pet fish carrier is ideal for transporting tropical fish. Offering a dark environment whilst transporting your pet fish will reduce the level of stress caused. Often with some species of fish, they require a wealth of information verbally being passed to the customer to remember. AVO Invents fish packaging can be printed with fish care information as per the customer’s requirement. This can be torn off the packaging and kept for later reference.